Episode 6 – 20 Minute Vocal Warm-up

David Valks Singing School
David Valks Singing School
Episode 6 - 20 Minute Vocal Warm-up

This is an epic episode for those of you who have a bit more time on your hands or those who want a really good warm-up before a lesson or a performance.We cover a really wide range of exercises to help with breath, placement, agility, shaping the vocal tract, articulation and much much more!

  • 1.5 Octave Scale to mum, mum, mum
  • 5 Note Scale – choose your own vowel sound with a B consonant – bah, bee, bae, boo, bye, boh etc
  • 5th Jump – NG sound sliding into and Ahhh then sliding back down on the Ahhhh
  • Many Men – to the William Tell Overture
  • Balla Signora 
  • 5 note scale descending – using the sound Lah
  • Vowel Sounds – Ay, Ee, Aye, Oh, You – think about creating space between the teeth and keep that tongue resting against the back of the bottom teeth.

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