Episode 7 – Building Resonance

David Valks Singing School
David Valks Singing School
Episode 7 - Building Resonance

Finding and building resonance is incredibly important in singing and speaking. ¬†We really can shape our tone and build power without doing any damage to the vocal folds or having to ‘push’ too hard.If you want to read more about resonance, check out this great article – https://www.voicescienceworks.org/resonance.html

We do 4 different exercises in this episode…

1. Mmmmmmm-ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm-aaaaayyyyyyyy, mmmmmm-eeeeeeee (harder to write than sing)

2. Yawn to access our lower notes

3. Bee, bee, bee focusing on the strong buh of the B sound

4. Nyah – like the sound new but with an ahh on the end.Hope you enjoy.

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